Photoshoot- AI Photo Editor 

AI Photo Editor: Edit photos & Background, Object removal, Avatar, Blur, Retouch

PhotoShot is an All-In-One Photo Editor that helps you edit photos with hundreds of filters & effects, quickly remove and change backgrounds, remove unwanted objects, retouch, and face tunes selfies, blur backgrounds, turn text into art with AI Image Generator, create AI Avatars and more 

All-In-One Photo Editor

  • AI Art Generator: Enter text, pick an art style, and start creating AI-generated art 
  • Cartoonify: Cartoon yourself in one tap with this AI Photo Editor 
  • Remove: Remove objects like watermarks and logos
  • Sky changer: Replace the background in your photos with 50+ high-quality sky backgrounds
  • AI Photo Enhance: Enlarge, upscale, and de-noise low-quality images to make them sharper 
  • Cutout: One-click cutout with AI tool to remove the background & make a PNG image
  • Effect: Edit photos with Neon, Glitch, Drip, Light fx, and Cartoon effect
  • Filter: Easily get hundreds of free filters to edit photos
  • Blur: Use motion or zoom effect to blur the background of your photo
  • Add Text: This Photo Editor has 100+ fonts
  • Blender: Mix and blend two images to make stunning artwork
  • Crop: Easily rotate, zoom, and resize your photos
  • Retouch: Retouch selfies: enhance, beautify, and face-tune your photos
  • Clothes Changer: Change the color of your clothes with this AI Photo Editor Pro
  • Add stickers: Add stickers to your photos 

Turn words into Art 

-This Photo Editor Pro lets you create beautiful artwork using the power of AI

-Enter a prompt, pick an art style, and start creating AI-generated art

-PhotoShot turns your idea into AI-generated wallpapers, images, paintings, and digital artwork within seconds 

Cartoon Photo Editor

-Cartoon yourself in one tap with this AI photo editor in seconds like a pro

-Choose one of your sweet selfies from the photo gallery and apply tons of face app filters to generate your custom avatars with AI avatar maker 

Remove Unwanted Objects

– Clean up pictures and remove unwanted objects with the Object Removal tool

– Remove the watermark from a photo and remove the logo from the photo

– Erase stickers or text from your photos

Sky Changer

– Replace the background in your photos with a brand-new sky

– With one tap, you can darken the background or change the background with a new sky

– PhotoShot Photo Editor has 50+ high-quality sky backgrounds 

Background Eraser and Background Changer

-Auto cut out photos, remove & change the background of your photos & create high-quality PNG images that are pixel-level accurate

-Change the background of your photo by choosing an image from a wide range of categories or search backgrounds on the web

-Get a Transparent background PNG picture

Clothes Changer

-Change the color of your dress with PhotoShot Photo Editor Pro

-Choose from a variety of designs and dress styles 

-Choose from 100+ Filters 

-Use this AI photo editor to edit photos, enhance and retouch your photo by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth, etc

-Retouch selfies with filters and effects

Photo Blender & Light FX

– Mix and blend two images to make stunning artwork with this Photo Editor Pro

Blur Photo Editor

– Edit photos with this must-have blur photo editor free 

– Advanced blur photo brush

– Blur photo background to get DSLR Blur Photo Effect

PhotoShot Photo Editor Pro is the most useful photo editor out there. 

The PhotoShot Photo Editor Premium grants access to exclusive content all the time. Get all the top features with an ad-free experience.


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