There Are Four Reasons Of Vision Loss And Blindness

There Are Four Reasons Of Vision Loss And Blindness

Today I gonna tell you four reasons for vision loss and blindness depending on my experiences or challenges and other professional people’s experiences. Even if there is no illness, we must be completely healthy. It is very important to focus on health from time to time to maintain good health.

In their 23 years of existence, ophthalmologist Dr. Jonah Xilahun said we have had a lot of things. Some of his patients say that if they rub one of their eyes when they first wake up in the morning, that eye will heal.

Can our eyes suddenly go blind?

Later, we will return to the solution of this question. But let’s discuss the problems that damage our eyes and our vision or vision loss and blindness. There are many ways we can damage our eyes. Let’s look at the four problems Dr. Let’s take a closer look at Jonah’s mention.


Dr. A.S. Jonah says health issues that affect other parts of the body can damage our vision. Diabetes and excessive blood pressure can cause vision loss and blindness in addition to damaging our eyesight.

In addition, according to Dr. According to Yonas, infections that are easily cured by vaccines can damage our eyes.

“Diseases like measles can lead to blindness if not vaccinated,” he continued, adding that vitamin A deficiency and malnutrition can damage a child’s cornea and cause vision loss and blindness.

Meanwhile, he warned that leaving babies alone when their eyes “dilate” could damage their vision.

Trachoma, an eye disease that gradually darkens the light in our eyes, can be caused by poor eye hygiene. tissue can transmit eye diseases.

Eye conditions that occur in other parts of the body can be diagnosed without causing significant damage.

An eye exam is crucial if you have family members with diabetes or hypertension who suffer from cataracts.

Children’s eyes need good nutrition and vaccinations just as much as any other part of their body. If children have white spots on their eyes, if they cry without crying, if one eye is bigger than the other, or if their eyes are repeated they are encouraged to contact a doctor shortly after birth if injured.

Eating foods high in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids is believed to help you keep your eyes healthy. Fish, as well as vegetables like papaya, mango, and radish, are healthy for the eyes.

1. Computer and phone screens

According to ophthalmologist Dr. Yonas said people who have eye problems due to spending too much time in front of screens are often treated in hospitals. The Doctor says that if we watch a screen for two consecutive hours, it qualifies as long screen hours.

Over the past 20 years, the BBC had already recorded an unheard-of increase in the amount of time people spent in front of a screen. According to him, kids ages 5 to 16 spend an average of more than 6:30 hours a day.

According to Dr. According to Yonas, excessive screen use can cause temporary eye problems. Redness, itching, swelling, dryness, burning, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness can all result from this.

The doctor cites numerous studies to back up his claim that this type of education can make children farsighted.

2. What is the cure?

Dr. A.S. Jonah recommends following the “destroy, destroy” rule when using displays. According to commenters, after using computers and mobile devices for 20 minutes, we should give our eyes a 20-second rest. This allows us to help ourselves by looking at it from a distance of 6 meters. As simple as it may seem, they point out that doing so is good for the eyes.

3. Wearing glasses without a prescription

We immediately responded, “Wearing it for the screen, for the sun, or for beauty can be harmful to our eyes,” as soon as we saw this bag.

Some pockets have not been shown to help. Jonah explained. Even others can be dangerous, he says, citing purchases meant to reduce screen brightness as an example.

“I’m not suggesting that you don’t need pockets to use a computer. There are critical moments when you stick to a medication,” he said. Otherwise, he alleged, many people may not see Kishafee’s level. As our eyes darken due to exposure to the sun and beauty, our minds open up to valuable insights.

4. Age

Our eyes are part of our body that deteriorate with age. Especially after the age of 40, the eyes become tired. In addition, eyesight is compromised.

According to Jonah, this is due to the aging of the muscles that cause the eye to change shape. While young, the eyes can see clearly at close, medium, and lawful distances, but as people age, their eyes become more submissive. In this case, we want the whole or the eye.

On the other hand, blinds cover the eyes by preventing light from entering. Gaining eyesight can seem grim because of this. Wearing a mask can help a bit with some eye issues.

According to the ophthalmologist, surgical intervention is the only treatment option if these eye issues get worse. Some aging eye issues can be treated, but others can’t.

Can we suddenly lose sight of our eyes?

People can go blind suddenly, but the eye doesn’t disappear immediately. Jonah. According to them, pre-existing eye conditions can cause severe damage to blindness if left unchecked.

Glaucoma in particular often goes undiagnosed, damaging the optic nerve and causing blindness. As a result, people over the age of 40 need to evaluate their health more often.


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