What advantages would Ethiopia's 5G Mobile network have for the nation?

What advantages would Ethiopia’s 5G Mobile network have for the nation?

There has been a 5G mobile network in use in Ethiopia since it was launched. The 5G network is the latest fast mobile technology developed by our planet (5th generation).

In terms of overall speed, downloading movies over the internet takes two hours even if you can do it instantly. The system went live in Ethiopia yesterday and has been put to promotional use in a few other places around the country.

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Ethio-Telecom’s head of technology, Tariku Dammissee, said 5G will be rolled out in Andinnati Park, Churchill Road, and near the Finfinnee post office to promote the service in advance.

Currently, there are six service stations and the management says the service will move from advertising to full service in a year due to increasing demand from Finfinnee and surrounding areas.

Six stations have been opened and 30,000 people can now access the service. Ethio-Telecom will launch a 4G LTE network in 2015 to increase productivity, he said, and provide its customers with Internet access. It is also expanding into new areas.

The company’s chief technology officer explained that in addition to the telecommunications network, 5G services will require technologies to support the network. Mr. Tariku said it took less than a month to launch the trial benefit and the cost was “three times the cost of high-end 4G and 5G”

What are the benefits of 5G for Ethiopia?

He added that Ethiopia is “a country in the race to establish a digital economy” and 5G is crucial to achieve this goal.

According to him, the service will support large-scale agriculture with technology, promote remote healthcare, strengthen industrialization, and develop the country’s mining sector.

As a result, Ethiopia is no longer deploying 2G networks and is working on 3G, 4G, 4G Advanced, and 5G, he said.

Additionally, 136 cities now have access to 4G and 5G Advanced and 66 percent of the states in the country have 3G technology.

Although the 5th generation technology has been criticized for interfering with aircraft communications, it is said to offer faster service. Ten leading US airlines issued a warning last month that 5G will have an “allegedly significant impact” on flights.

Telecommunications service providers are required by airlines to provide their services at least three kilometers from the airport. He expressed concern that 5G services would hamper travel, especially in inclement weather.

We asked Mr. Tariku if Ethiopia would have any problems with this issue. He promised to take these concerns into account when deciding whether to implement the technology.

As frequencies approach 5G, there are concerns in the US that techniques for aircraft-to-ground connectivity should be considered. However, because the lower band approach is more costly, “we understand there is nothing to worry about in this area,” he said. He added, “We are also talking to airlines and reaching an agreement. The existing 4G network is said to be 20 times slower than the 5G network.”

How does 5G work?

Network providers will be the first to use radio frequency (or 5G) technology in business. Businesses should provide this benefit to help the development of the 4G Internet.

Mobile network providers determine the 5G spectrum used. You could have better internet if the company could install more transmission units. Because the cost of using this technology is high, network providers may be concerned.

What is the velocity?

Widely used 4G internet now carries data at an average rate of 45 gigabytes per second. However, 4G is said to be able to deliver up to 1 GB of internet per second.

Internet speeds can increase 10 to 20 times with 5G. This means that downloading online files or performing other tasks with your internet connection is 20 times faster. High-quality movies can be downloaded from the internet in one minute at this speed.


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